Establishing of a nature prote
Creator bmwmh | Melbourne,Australia| Nature
Establishing of a nature prote Project Description:

Establishment of a foundation for the protection of the nature and the animals living in it.

With the money of the foundation, land and waters are to be bought, which are to be restored and a home for the animals. In particular, ecologically valuable land and waters are to be acquired, which are not usable for agriculture.

On the property trees and bushes are to be planted, which protect the animals. In the waters the population of the fish should be adapted ecologically.

Hunting and fishing on these estates and in these waters should be prohibited.

Make your contribution to the environment and support this ecologically valuable project.



Incase of question, Please ask questions to Project Creator Question for sponsors
Pledged Funding
Goal $20,000
Duration 403 days
Backers 0
Project Deadline:2019-04-30
Pledge $20 0 Backers
We are planting a tree and naming it after you
Estimated Delivery: 30days
Pledge $20
About bmwmh
Last Online:2017/07/26 Melbourne,Australia


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